Industrial Resin Factory
Quality rather than quantity determines your success.

It is simple to make a product but by all means it is simpler if you are also producing the raw materials. With this concept in mind, our group has decided to start a paint factory, but before we did so, we started our very own resin plant at Saudi Arabia. Having the resin plant at Saudi Arabia and mica plant in India, we have the major raw materials at our disposal.

Industrial Resin Factory (IFR), established in 2009 has its manufacturing operations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It has a number of advanced production equipment, exquisite technology and modern management team. IRF has a proficient team of operational ability as its backbone.

Till we set up the paint factory, our unit would cater the demands of the local market. The stupendous response has been the driving force for IRF to start the process of doubling its production capacity.